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Idler Pulley

Key Features

  • OE Specifications: Designed to original equipment form, fit, function, and material.
  • Material Variance: Options in plastic or steel to suit different engine conditions.
  • Design Efficiency: Engineered for optimal performance and durability.
  • Sealed Bearings: Service-free for extended life.

Litens Idler Pulleys are meticulously crafted to meet or exceed Original Equipment specifications, offering both plastic and steel options.

This versatility ensures that each pulley is perfectly suited to its specific location on the engine, considering factors like heat exposure and system tuning.

The goal is to provide optimal performance and durability regardless of the engine environment.

The Litens Difference

Each pulley is engineered with precision. The plastic pulleys, made from glass-reinforced Nylon 6/6, offer superior dimensional control and surface durability.

They are ideal for both backside and groove side applications and feature a moulded-in ball bearing for a perfect fit and extended lifespan.

On the other hand, the steel pulleys are made from precision steel stamping with a close tolerance ball-bearing pocket.

Most of the pulleys are coated with an electro-deposited epoxy for excellent corrosion resistance and have a crowned running surface to aid in properly tracking the belt.

Both designs ensure smooth operation and a significantly extended life for the pulley.

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