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The Monster OAD

Key Features

  • Reduces maintenance costs and downtime by extending the life of belts, tensioners, and other components.
  • Improves fuel efficiency by reducing parasitic drag from the alternator.
  • Eliminates shutdown noises and belt squeals.
  • Triples belt life and doubles tensioner life.

The Litens Monster OAD is a revolutionary decoupler pulley designed to tackle the challenges of large alternators in buses. Its genius lies in shielding the front-end accessory drive (FEAD) system from the harmful torsional vibrations these alternators create.

Imagine a shock absorber for your bus engine – the Monster OAD absorbs those damaging shakes, protecting belts, tensioners, and other components from premature wear and tear. This translates to huge savings for bus operators, slashing maintenance costs by extending the life of crucial parts. But the benefits go beyond the bottom line.

The Monster OAD also boosts fuel efficiency by reducing parasitic drag, keeping your passengers happy with a quieter ride, and eliminating annoying shutdown noises. It’s a simple solution with a powerful impact, making the Monster OAD a no-brainer upgrade for any bus fleet.

The Litens Difference

Unlike traditional alternator pulleys, the Monster OAD effectively eliminates the effects of torsional vibration, ensuring smoother operation and increased durability for all components within the belt drive system.

With the ability to triple the belts’ lifespan and double the belt tensioners’ lifespan, the Monster OAD offers significant benefits to bus operators, reducing fuel consumption and overall maintenance costs.

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