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In the dynamic world of the automotive industry, Litens® Aftermarket has remained a beacon of consistency and quality for over four decades.

Founded in 1979, we began on a journey that transformed the very essence of vehicle performance with the development of the world’s first automatic tensioner for the accessory drive belt developed for the 4.9L V-8 Ford Mustang and Mercury Capri. Litens has continued to be the first to market in accessory drive belt component innovation being the first production suppliers of OE Tensioners within the European and Japanese Markets as well.

But our legacy doesn’t stop there. Our technology is now applied globally to more than half of the vehicles on the road today. Our torsional vibration damping products, for example the Overrunning Alternator Decoupler (OADTM), are still the same premium OEM quality as found in Aftermarket.

We have an extensive portfolio of international design patents and trademarks that are focused on reducing emissions while improving fuel economy, performance, and passenger experience.

Our Global Footprint

With our headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Litens presence is profoundly global.

From development centers to state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in regions including Germany, Brazil, China, India, and North America, we ensure our unmatched touch of quality and expertise reaches every corner of the automotive world.

Our expansive sales offices in the USA, Mexico, and Europe underscore our worldwide reach and scale.

Our collaboration with Dolz, the global frontrunner in manufacturing water pumps for the aftermarket, stands as a testament to our commitment to diversifying and enhancing our product lines.


Our commitment to sustainability

We fully embrace the principles of sustainability in our products and how we operate.


Meeting and exceeding regulations designed to improve resource use, minimize waste, and promote the long-term health of the environment.


Fostering a safe, respectful, and rewarding environment that prioritizes diversity, inclusion, and all employee rights.


Ensuring all business and actions adhere to strict legal compliance in every region. This applies to all levels of the organization.


Building and maintaining a network of suppliers that prioritizes working conditions, environmental responsibility, and strong ethical codes.


Maintaining a proud tradition of supporting social and charitable causes in various locations.

The Litens Promise

When you go with Litens, you’re not just choosing a replacement; you’re choosing the same premium quality part originally made for the OEM

Beyond our product range, we are advocates for diversity and inclusion, celebrating the rich variety of cultures and backgrounds within our global team. Sustainability is integral to our operations, guiding us to make environmentally conscious choices. Central to our ethos is an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, driving us to continuously redefine industry standards.

Best Coverage:

Our exhaustive range includes the Overrunning Alternator Decoupler (OAD™), timing belt tensioners, accessory drive tensioners, idler pulleys, and more, making us an unmatched choice in Aftermarket products.

Unparalleled Quality:

Since inception, we have believed in advanced technology as an enabler that makes us better and faster. We developed the first software for simulating drive systems and the original data acquisition systems for taking dynamic measurements on live engines. That approach has continued to evolve.

Expertise & Knowledge:

We empower our partners with best-in-class tools and technical insights.

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