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Litens Expands OAD™ and OAP Coverage

Litens OE

Litens OE

08 Nov 2023

Litens Expands OAD™ and OAP Coverage with Nine New SKUs

Litens Aftermarket, offering the most complete portfolio of aftermarket belt drive products, announces the addition of eight new Overrunning Alternator Decoupler (OAD)™ and one Overrunning Alternator Pulley (OAP) SKUs to its product lineup, offering coverage for more than 1,000,000 vehicles in operation (VIO). The new SKUs include late model coverage for popular Ford, Hyundai, Buick, Nissan and Honda models. 

The decision to expand the OAD product line is a direct response to the growing demand in the market, with approximately one half of registered vehicles now equipped with an OAD. As these vehicles reach the aftermarket “sweet spot” for replacement parts, Litens is committed to ensuring that technicians and consumers have access to the right replacement parts. 

OE belt drive systems on vehicles built with an OAD are specifically engineered to accommodate the functionality of an OAD and should never be substituted with a solid pulley or a one-way clutch. Ensuring that technicians and customers have access to the proper replacement parts is crucial to maintaining the longevity of a vehicle’s belt drive system components. 

“As the inventors of the OAD, Litens has played a pivotal role in allowing contemporary alternators to meet the heightened performance and efficiency requirements that underpin the modern driving experience we all enjoy today,” said Scott Howat, national sales manager, Litens. “We believe it is our responsibility to provide technicians and consumers with the essential parts required to maintain the vehicle throughout its entire lifespan.” 

Litens developed the OAD to meet the demands of improved performance and efficiency in alternators, particularly in late model vehicles. It achieves this through two design elements that mechanically set it apart from traditional solid pulleys: an internal torsion spring and a one-way clutch mechanism. The OAD contributes to the optimal performance of the alternator system by providing essential features such as vibration damping, stable belt tension, and protection against reverse rotation. Substituting an OAD with any other pulley compromises these critical functions and can lead to adverse effects, including increased friction, potential belt slippage, and an elevated risk of component failure, ultimately undermining the reliability and performance of the entire belt drive system. 


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