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Identifying the Correct Alternator Pulley

Litens Aftermarket

Litens Aftermarket

26 Jan 2024


Ever wondered how to identify an overrunning alternator decoupler (OAD) pulley, or if you’re using the right replacement part? In this informative video, Andy provides helpful tips, such as examining the dust cap and demonstrating a simple test to differentiate between an OAD and other alternatives, such as an overrunning alternator pulley (OAP). Andy discusses with our skilled technician why choosing the right alternator pulley is critical for the longevity of a vehicle’s belt drive system, and how the absence of specific components in OAP’s or solid pulleys can affect the performance if a vehicle, and potentially lead to issues down the road.

Explore the inner workings of an OAD as Andy breaks down the three main components that allow an OAD to decouple and dampen vibrations, and how these components help prevent premature wear on the belt drive system and are essential for maintaining engine efficiency. Learn why transferring a used OAD to a new alternator is a bad practice and why OEMs recommend replacing the OAD and tensioner as part of regular maintenance. Andy also emphasizes the importance of treating the accessory belt drive system components as a cohesive system to ensure optimal performance.

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