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We don't just create parts; we redefine standards. Crafted with precision and backed by our commitment to excellence, our parts ensure lasting reliability and optimal functionality, making them the top choice for distributors and retailers.
Image of Accessory Drive Tensioner

Accessory Drive Tensioner

Our custom-designed tensioners offer an application-specific fit for smoother and quieter accessory drive operation, extended accessory component durability, and an optimized belt life with constant ‘engineered’ belt tension.

Image of Idler Pulley

Idler Pulley

Each of our Litens Idler Pulleys is produced to OE form, fit, function, and material specification to ensure consistency and reliability at every turn.

Image of Overrunning Alternator Decoupler (OAD)

Overrunning Alternator Decoupler (OAD)

The next generation of drive performance. Our OADs extend belt life, enhance drive system component durability, and ensure quieter and smoother accessory drive operation, reducing vibrations in the passenger compartment.

Image of Accessory Drive Kits

Accessory Drive Kits

Reset your entire drive belt system back to OE level of performance with our Accessory Drive Tensioner Kits. Our kit enhances system reliability and longevity, reduces the risk of breakdown and promotes optimal power transmission for the vehicle.

Image of Hybrid Drive Tensioner

Hybrid Drive Tensioner

Litens Hybrid Drive Tensioners are specifically designed for the unique challenges of hybrid vehicles. These innovative tensioners address two key issues: managing the varying torque demands of electric motors and gasoline engines and maintaining optimal belt tension throughout rapid mode changes.

Image of Timing Belt Tensioners

Timing Belt Tensioners

Discover our patented timing belt tensioner crafted to OE-level standards, which ensures correct tension and damping levels, giving the engine the power to perform at its best and the confidence to go the distance.

Image of The Monster OAD

The Monster OAD

The Litens Monster OAD is a revolutionary decoupler pulley designed to tackle the challenges of large alternators in buses. Its genius lies in shielding the front-end accessory drive (FEAD) system from the harmful torsional vibrations these alternators create.

Image of The Hellraiser

The Hellraiser

The HellRaiser OAD pulley is a game-changer for owners of Hellcat-powered vehicles looking to increase boost pressure and power safely. Unlike other aftermarket pulleys, the HellRaiser features the same internal decoupling design as the stock pulley, protecting your supercharger from harmful torsional vibrations.

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