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Hybrid Drive Tensioner

Key Features:

  • Fast switching and low tension: Handles rapid mode changes in hybrid systems with minimal impact on belt stress.
  • Bi-stable design: Automatically adjusts to boost and regen modes, maximizing efficiency and minimizing noise.
  • One tensioner for all conditions: Adapts to various belt loads and temperatures, eliminating the need for multiple parts.
  • Quiet and smooth operation: Delivers a comfortable driving experience, free from unwanted noise or vibration.

Litens Hybrid Drive Tensioners are specifically designed for the unique challenges of hybrid vehicles.

These innovative tensioners address two key issues: managing the varying torque demands of electric motors and gasoline engines and maintaining optimal belt tension throughout rapid mode changes.

How it works:

  • Bi-stable arms: The tensioner features two arms with distinct functions. The running arm operates on the slack side during regeneration and grounds during boost, while the motoring arm stays engaged on the tight side. This bi-stable design ensures efficient power transfer and minimizes belt slip.
  • Patented travel limiter: This unique feature biases the tensioner arm against a stop during steady-state and regen modes, minimizing damping and wear. When boost torque exceeds a set threshold, the arm seamlessly engages to provide the necessary tension.
  • Polymer energy absorber and progressive spring rate: These features work together to absorb shock and reduce noise during stops and mode changes, providing a smooth and quiet driving experience.

The Litens Difference

Litens Hybrid Drive Tensioners rise above the rest with their bi-stable design, effortlessly adapting to boost and regen with one part.

This OE-grade champion isn’t just built to last, it’s engineered to perform.

Patented technology like travel limiters and shock-absorbing polymers ensure smooth, quiet transitions, while rigorous testing guarantees optimal performance under any hood.

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