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Litens Announces 28 New SKUs, Expanding Coverage

25 Oct 2023

Litens Announces 28 New SKUs, Expanding Coverage and Enhancing Efficiency for Automotive Technicians

Litens Aftermarket, offering the most complete portfolio of aftermarket belt drive products, introduces its latest product lineup, featuring 28 new SKUs comprised of 15 pulleys covering 4,400,000 vehicles in operation (VIO), and 13 belt tensioners covering 3,100,000 VIO. This expansion offers enhanced coverage for over 7,600,000 additional VIO, including coverage for more than 1,000,000 VIO for 2016-2021 Honda models and innovative solutions for popular Ford F-150 applications. 

The newly introduced belt tensioners include coverage for the 2016-2021 Honda models, such as the Pilot, Odyssey, Ridgeline and Passport. Litens is responding to the demands of millions of customers, enabling technicians to access the right tensioners for proper belt drive system maintenance. These portfolio additions are timely as these vehicles approach the point of needing a system reset, ensuring optimal belt drive system performance. A system reset involves replacing all components of the belt drive system, including the tensioner, idler pulley(s), and the belt, simultaneously, to maintain proper belt drive system performance throughout the vehicle’s lifespan. 

The Litens portfolio expansion also includes extensive coverage for the most popular vehicle on U.S. roads, the Ford F-150, featuring late model coverage for pulleys and tensioners for over 1 million VIO. The new tensioners have undergone design enhancements to the OE products, including a lift feature and Litens Technician Assist Pin (TAP). The lift feature adds an extra inch of accessibility for technicians, providing greater ease of access. The Litens TAP eliminates the need for a second set of hands during installation, securely positioning the tensioner for independent and safe belt manipulation. These innovations streamline the replacement process, improving safety and efficiency. 

Litens is also introducing a cost-effective and time-saving solution in the form of its new pulley kit, catering to multiple 2015-2022 Volvo applications covering nearly 500,000 VIO. This innovative kit includes all three pulleys in one package, eliminating the need for OE bracket replacement. Vehicle owners now have an affordable option to replace only the components that experience the most wear – the three pulleys – saving technicians the labor-intensive process of removing and reinstalling a bracket with a functioning life cycle. 

Commenting on the expansion, Randy Wolters, aftermarket product manager, stated, “Litens is committed to delivering an innovative, engineering-first approach to the aftermarket. Our latest product lineup demonstrates our dedication to providing the most comprehensive range of high-quality OE-manufactured tensioners, designed to enhance the experience and efficiency for technicians.” 

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