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Litens Aftermarket North America Introduces New Easy Button™ Latch Featuring TAP™ Technology

13 Jun 2024

Dublin, Ohio – June 13, 2024 – Litens Aftermarket N.A, offering the most complete portfolio of aftermarket belt drive products, introduced its new Easy Button™ latch combined with its TAP™ (Technician Assist Pin) technology, a Litens-exclusive Improvement to OE tensioner design that enables a safer and more efficient tensioner replacement process that can be done by a single technician.

As part of its dedicated strategy, Litens is setting the standard for future tensioners to be more technician friendly. The Easy Button™ latch simplifies the process of replacing the tensioner by making it a one-person job by assisting during the most difficult part of the process: routing the belt with the tensioner in the fully retracted position.

The Easy Button™ latch is engaged by pressing down on it once the new tensioner is installed and rotated. This securely inserts the TAP™ technology into its designated hole, locking the tensioner in the retracted position and enabling the technician to easily route the belt. Once the belt is properly routed around the tensioner and pulleys, the technician simply releases the tension to disengage the Easy Button™ latch, retracting the technician assist pin, and allowing the tension to set, activating the newly installed tensioner.

The Easy Button™ latch will be included on new tensioners designed for various 2015-2022 Ford models, including the Edge, Fusion, Taurus, and the Lincoln MKZ and Nautilus. Although the initial vehicle coverage is limited to select Ford applications, Litens will expand coverage to more aftermarket tensioners in the future.

“This is truly a game-changer for technicians, improving both time, effort, and efficiency of replacing belts,” said Ana Marie Lopez, Product Application Manager at Litens Aftermarket N.A. “Litens is proud to set the standard through our engineering-first approach to the aftermarket, and we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that empower technicians and enhance their capabilities.”

The Litens Easy Button™ latch featuring TAP™ technology, is part of a series of innovations designed to prioritize a safer, easier and more efficient installation process for technicians. Other technician-friendly additions include the Litens lift feature with TAP™ technology, which improves tensioner accessibility during replacement, and the Litens pulley kit, which eliminates the need for bracket replacement by including all three pulleys in one kit along with essential hardware for pulleys and idlers on many applications. All of Litens’ technician-friendly additions are currently available only for select models, with plans to extend coverage in the future.

Watch this video to learn more about the Litens Easy Button™ latch


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