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Litens Aftermarket North America Elevates Sustainability Efforts

14 May 2024

Dublin, Ohio – May 14, 2024 – Litens Aftermarket, offering the most complete portfolio of aftermarket belt drive products, is reinforcing its commitment to sustainability by integrating it into every facet of its operations. Through a comprehensive approach, Litens is addressing key areas such as environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, fairness and concern for employees, corporate ethics and compliance, responsible supply chain practices, and contributions to communities.


Driven by the ethos of sustainability, Litens is dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.


“Litens is dedicated to ensuring its operations meet current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own,” said John Lussier, President of Litens Aftermarket North America.


From environmental responsibility to community contributions, Litens prioritizes initiatives aligned with six United Nations Sustainable Development goals, all designed to drive positive change within its functional operations.


These six goals include:
• Good health and well-being
• Gender equality
• Affordable and clean energy
• Decent work and economic growth
• Responsible consumption and production
• Combating climate change.


Litens maintains a global environmental program and prioritizes corporate ethics and compliance with environmental regulations through internal and third-party audits, and fosters a culture of accountability and responsibility. Through energy efficiency measures, including the installation of LED lighting and solar panels across multiple sites, Litens is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. Litens also prioritizes waste reduction and recycling through waste audits that help track waste metrics across its facilities, along with instituting packaging improvements to limit unnecessary materials.


The company’s commitment, in collaboration with its OEM customers, extends to responsible consumption and production, with a focus on developing innovative products that reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. This is achieved through the use of advanced, lightweight components, materials, and systems, along with innovative manufacturing practices.


Litens continues its tradition of giving back to communities by supporting social and charitable causes, underscoring its role as a responsible corporate citizen. The company places a premium on fairness and concern for its employees, fostering a diverse, inclusive, and safe work environment. Through codified policies, the company upholds fundamental human and labor rights, ensuring fair treatment and compensation for all employees.


Litens Aftermarket North America’s sustainability efforts reflect its dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment, society and its workforce, driving towards a more sustainable future for all.


About Litens Aftermarket

Litens, the world’s largest OE supplier of belt tensioning products, has been supplying the largest brands in the aftermarket, for decades. It offers the aftermarket’s most complete portfolio of belt drive products including timing belt tensioners, accessory drive tensioners, idler pulleys and decoupler pulleys (OAD™). As the inventors of the automatic accessory drive belt tensioner (ADT) and the timing belt tensioner (TBT), Litens delivers an innovative, engineering-first approach to the aftermarket. For more information, visit

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